National Achievers Congress

The Secrets of the Rich - No. 1

National Achievers Congress

The poor and the middle-class work for money. The rich have money work for them

I've recently been to a property fair featuring Australia properties. It was indeed an eye opener
for someone like me who has not invested in any real estate properties. It was demonstrated how
easy it was for someone who has moderate savings could actually own one small size apartment
and start earning passive income. Certainly, the apartment has to be situated in good locations.
Besides the passive income, the land which the apartment sits on will also appreciate and provide
capital gain if he intends to sell the unit later.

Using that passive income, the person could either spend it or serve a new mortgage loan for
another residential property. This is a formula that will never be taught in school.

How much interest are we earning today from our bank savings? It's a shameful amount.

It can be quite scary if one has no prior real estate investment experience because the initial
capital outlay may cause uncomfortable to most ordinary people.

The Secrets of the Rich - No. 2

Mind your own business

Robert is not telling us not to be a busybody. The advice is to tell us to start our own business.
Many people actually have many great ideas. This world has no lack of great ideas. It's whether
the idea is being put into action is another set of story. It's a habit for not doing new things
and it's also a habit for constantly doing new things. So the major problem of most ordinary people
is that they lack action despite having great ideas. Hence, no great result was produced.

So start putting your idea into action and start a business for yourself. You've got to take care of yourself!

The Secrets of the Rich - No. 3

Create investments, don't buy them

Robert uses an example of real estate. I feel that this secret apply to your business too.
If you have a great idea which you put into action to create your successful business, you will
attract investors. They put huge capital into your business for you to grow them. How much an idea cost?

Create investment = Create idea

But you must put that idea into action. In other words, make things happen!

The Secrets of the Rich - No. 4

Expand the product before you buy

This can be applicable to your business too. This is what the big guys are doing in the business world.
If you own a successful business, you can take it to public through IPO. Your business is still the same
business. However, you've added an element of investment into your business. Money rolls into your business

Robert's next question was, "What is your winning formula?"

For him, don't do what everybody else is doing.

I feel this is an important question. What we've been doing and thinking have gotten us to where we are today. So, I choose not to work for somebody else, just like many others are doing, and today I'm earning passive income.

National Achievers Congress

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